For what reasons do many people suffer headache constantly?

By | August 29, 2018

For what reasons do many people suffer headache constantly?

Health Desk:  Headache is a very common problem. There may be many reasons for headache and headache can occur at any age. According to a WHO report, 50% of the world’s adult population sometimes have problems in headache. About 4% of these people are those who have headaches of 15 or more times per month. But if it is ignored then there can be a big problem.

Primary and Secondary Hadek

Especially there are 2 types of headache. Primary and secondary The primary cause of primary headache is not known. Such as stress and migraine headaches. Secondary is caused by the body and some health problems. Such as colds, cough or brain tumors. Not paying attention to these signs can lead to serious problems. So today we will show you some reasons, which can lead to headache.


If the acetic head feels severe pain and one part of the body stops working properly, this may be a sign of the stroke. Apart from this, there may often be a brain injury due to headache.

High BP

Chest pain and headache problem occurs when high BP occurs. If there is a lot of headache then get a BP check.

Sleep Problem

There is headache in the sleep when there is no sleep. This can also be done in cold rooms or by lying in false postures. To prevent this, sleep enough for 7-8 hours.

Eye disease

There is more pressure on the eyes to see when the eyes are weak. It also causes problems in the head. So check the eyes.

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